The Hunter and Other Stories of Men

‘Cohen’s tragi-comic sensibility creates some astonishing moments of what we might think of as the suburban surreal.’ Sophie Frazer, Australian Book Review

‘David Cohen’s imagination, as evidenced by his short-story collection, The Hunter, is a truly remarkable thing.’ The Saturday Paper

‘It is his eye for the incongruous that is the source of Cohen’s comic talent.’ Mark Azzopardi, Sydney Review of Books

‘Studded with wit and humour.’ FIVE STARS Thuy On, The Big Issue

The Hunter and Other Stories of Men is an eclectic collection of short stories that reveal a fine sense of the absurd, the central impulse of lasting humour. The stories are all original and unexpected, each one connected by a unified comic sensibility. These are not the stand-up comedian’s one-liners; they have an awareness of the absurd, the surreal, the comic, in everyday life; the true comic’s unsettling serious gaze at the strange ways we make sense of existence.’ Judges’ Comments, 2019 Russell Prize for Humour Writing

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Disappearing off the Face of the Earth

‘David Cohen takes suburban life and turns it into a warped comedy with a body count, letting weirdness in, compellingly, irresistibly, until our sense of what’s real is flickering on and off like a dodgy fluoro tube.’ Nick Earls, author of Wisdom Tree

‘Few writers write about the world of work, and fewer still with the skill and mordant wit of David Cohen. Funny, disturbing, and wonderfully strange.’ Ryan O’Neill, author of Their Brilliant Careers

‘…(a) downbeat comic meditation on menial work and madness, whose quotient of bizarreness increases as it advances towards an ending marked by ludicrous chutzpah.’ Ed Wright, The Weekend Australian

‘David Cohen captures the repellent main character masterfully in this novel. It is full of vivid descriptions and laugh-out-loud moments that readers will enjoy if they can stand the discomfiture of sitting inside Ken Guy’s head for 224 pages.’ Robin Elizabeth, The Newtown Review of Books

‘…one of the oddest books I’ve ever read.’ Corinna Hente, Herald Sun

‘Cohen’s gift is really his treatment of the familiar.’ The Saturday Paper

‘A darkly humorous and surprisingly riveting tale…’ Phil Brown, Courier Mail

‘…both an entertaining read and an in-depth insight into the dark side of mental health and its effects on perception, personal relationships and our sense of identity and purpose.’ Ali MacGregor, Westerly

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Fear of Tennis

‘…quirky and offbeat with a dry wit and an acute eye for some of the absurdities of contemporary urban life… I thoroughly enjoyed this novel: for its intelligence, its understated humour, its engaging central character, and, not least, its sure grasp of the conventions of the difficult craft of comic writing.’ Roger Bourke, Westerly

‘…it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Fear of Tennis became a cult book.’ Owen Richardson, The Age

‘…stood out among the novels I read.’ Les Murray, TLS Books of the Year, 2007

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